Do not wear the name Lutheran, Baptist,  Catholic, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, Gateway,  Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon or Presbyterian.

Do not worship with bands. Do not pray  through Mary. Do not eat eggs in the Lord’s  Supper and do not observe it on Saturdays

Do not have women pastors and do not  sprinkle or pour for baptism.

If the Bible listed all the things we are NOT  to do, the world could not contain such an  enormous book! People often ask questions  like “Where did Jesus or His apostles say  NOT to do this or that?” The shortest verse  in the Bible is John 11:35, only two words:  “Jesus wept.” I can send you this verse  expanded to hundreds of words by listing  all names and verbs NOT to be included. But  when truth is spoken, it eliminates all other  ways that are obviously to be excluded. We  are to wear the name “Christian.”  Period. We  are to pray in the name of Jesus. Period. We  are to celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first  day of the week. Period. We are to be buried  in baptism. Period. We are to praise God with  singing, making music in our hearts. Period.

You can multiply this list.

Even Jesus ONLY did the things the Father  told Him to do; He did not act on his own in  anything (Jn 5:19).