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Jesus Christ Super Star

In this age the truth of God is taken lightly with many even denying His existence (Gen 1). God Himself must be angered by the wicked portrayal of Jesus Christ in this Rock Opera. This musical is popular, but also blasphemous (“impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things … defaming.”) Andrew Lloyd Webber


Moses said the 80th milestone marks the end of man’s normal earthly pilgrimage (Ps 90:10). Then begins the ONE long day of eternity (2 Pet 3:8). Before the flood, men lived to great ages – often over 900 years. The average age in Genesis 5 was 857 years. After the flood (Gen 6-9) lifespan dropped


1. God’s plan to save man from his sins consists of Faith, Repentance, Confession and Baptism (Read Mk 16:16:16; Acts 2:38; Acts 8:37. [ ] T [ ] F 2. The last and great commission of Jesus Christ as recorded in Mark 16:15-16 is: “Go into Another gospel writer quoted Jesus with these words in


All children are born sinless (Ez 18:19-20). They do not and cannot inherit sin from anyone else. It is the soul that actually sins who is separated from God – called spiritual death. Jesus confirmed a child’s innocence when He called for little children to come to Him and said: “of such is the kingdom


A “BUCKET LIST” is the popular term for a list of experiences or achievements someone wants to complete or accomplish before he or she dies. Maybe it is a trip to a fabulous foreign place, running a marathon or some other dream or attainment long sought after. Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me,


ORLANDO was known as the home of Disney World. But now it has become known as the place of mass murder. There a lone gunman entered a bar and killed and/or injured over 100 people. God says that the “judgment of God” falls upon sinners who practice their sin. It says they are “worthy of


AND WHO IS GOING THERE We cannot stay here, for the sentence of death is universal (Job 14:1-2; 7:6; I Pet 1:24). After death follows the Day of Judgment (Heb 9:27). Death is not annihilation (Job 14: 14), but a transition to one of two places: either Heaven or Hell. Each of us determines where


Quite early in Jesus’ ministry a conversation He did hold With Nicodemus who needed instruction, though quite old. He could never see the kingdom of God – its that plain Unless he “of the water and the spirit” be born again. John 3:3-5 Last words of a man are often thought of great significance Especially


There are three families: Natural, Spiritual and Eternal. NATURAL FAMILY. First there is the planting of the seed of man, followed by the birth of a baby from the womb of woman. This is only a temporary dwelling with sickness, health, joy and sadness. The time here is short like a “vapor that appears for


The Book of Hosea is a love story that went wrong, labeled as “the prophet of sorrowful heart.” This grand treatise is a tender section of Scripture that ought to challenge and enrich our hearts. Hosea wept over Israel’s sins 7 centuries before Christ, but the errors of God’s people then parallel our problems today.