Outside there may be snow and icicles, but in our cozy warm home it is good to be all together with no one absent. The house resounds with laughter and singing. A perfect holiday! But really – do we wish things were different? More money for gifts, more time to be together, better health, the whole family together round the dinner table with no one absent? Perhaps this year falls far short of what we had hoped … out of work, a recent death, bills piling up, or discord in the family. But even when reality is not what we dream for, let us still enjoy what we do have. Let us count our blessings … Plenty to eat? A measure of health? Living in a land with freedoms, the envy of refugees, prisoners and hungry millions. For us who are Christians, the list lengthens: we have a Savior who intercedes when we pray and whose blood forgives every day. We have our spiritual family and hope for the eternal day where all will be ideal. We shall live happily ever after if we are faithful to Him – and this is no fairy-tale ending! (Acts 7:49; Heb 10:34-39; Rev 22:14)