The Salvation Army is very visible at this time of year. Many are asking, “Just who are they?” If you look in the Bible you will not find it. It did not exist until William Booth formed it in London in 1878. In 1899 its charter was issued in New York as “a religious and charitable organization.” They are known for their street bands, trucks, bells at store entrances, etc., where they collect money for their hospitals and other charities. It has a hierarchical organization like the Roman Catholic Church has in Rome, with their headquarters in London under a “General.” In the U.S.A., it is divided into four headquarters: New York, Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco. Their official creed book is the Salvation Army Handbook of Doctrine. There is no creed book for God’s true church other than the Bible (2 Tim 3:16-17). Headquarters are in heaven where Jesus is the only head (Eph 3:21). Other unbiblical features of the Army are: (1) people are born sinners, (2) no baptism (3) no Lord’s Supper, (4) employ women preachers, (5) receive funding from the public and from federal treasuries. Ask for free booklet.