“Baptism” is a verb which expresses a specific act. It is anglicized from a Greek word (ßaptizo) which means “to dip, submerge.” Sprinkle and pour are from entirely different Greek words, never applying to baptism in the Bible. It is not possible to express the act of immersing by another act or ‘mode.’ To say, “I was baptized by sprinkling” would be parallel to saying “I walked to town by riding.” Sprinkling is no more a “mode” of baptism than riding is a “mode” of walking. Many have been sprinkled or had water poured on them, being taught that it was a “mode” of baptism. That is a false doctrine of men that nullifies the Word of God (Matt 17:7-9). You must believe then be immersed in order to be saved (Mark 16:16). In the ignorance of infancy many are sprinkled and later are told they had been baptized. The Bible says that was no baptism at all. I have baptized (immersed) many who after they are taught, believe and repent. Only then are they biblical candidates for obeying Jesus. If you believe in Jesus, may I baptize you today “for the forgiveness of your sins?” (Acts 2:38). Call me without delay!