“By what authority are you doing these things?” The chief priests and elders asked Jesus this question (Mt 21:23-27). Jesus replied by asking them a question: “I will ask you one question … John’s baptism—where did it come from? Was it from heaven, or from men?” Since they could not answer Jesus, neither did He answer them. Jesus had become very popular while teaching in the temple. He intruded upon the priests’ authority. He refuted all their arguments, but the common people heard Him gladly. Concerning religious doctrines, practices and forms of worship in the churches today, we need to ask the same question Jesus asked: are they from heaven or from men? It is right to challenge everything taught and practiced in the religious world today! Has God revealed it, or has man invented it? 1. The pope speaking infallibly ex cathedra (from the throne)? Jude 3; Rev 22:18-19 2. The doctrine of “salvation by faith alone?” James 2:17; Mk 16:16 3. Sprinkling for baptism? Rom 6:3-4 4. Baptizing babies? Acts 2:38 5. The church of which you are a member? Where, when and by whom established? Mt 16:18 6. Worshiping with mechanical music? With drums? With clapping? Eph 5:19 We must not believe any doctrine or engage in any practice or form of worship not in the New Testament.