Corrective Training is seldom practiced, and even more rarely is it carried out by scripture plan. Sadly, when a member of the church is “not living according to the teaching” (2 Thes 3:6), elders normally avoid the command of corrective training (discipline) by ignoring it or advising the accused to “go find another place to worship!” Discipline is essential in the home, the government and the church (Prov 13:24; Heb 12:8; Rom 13; I Cor 5:1-13). No institution exists without disciplining the lawbreaker (I Tim 1:9-10). The church is kept pure by “keeping away from wicked” fornicators, covetous, idolators, slanderers, drunkards, extortioners, murderers, gossips, false teachers, those missing assemblies, etc. (I Cor 5:1-13; Heb 10:25; Rom 1:29f). The Bible Requires: 1. Know and prove facts of the case (I Thes 5:21; Mt 7:20; Jn 7:24). 2. Rid yourself of the same sin (Mt 7:1-5; Rom 2:1-3). 3. Approach the accused privately first, 4. Then Go with one or two witnesses, 5. Then tell the whole church. 6. Finally, the whole church is to be heard (Mt 18:15-17). If the sinner fails to repent, he is not to be fellowshipped (I Cor 5:ll; Rom 16:17). Ask for preacher’s booklet (over 50,000 in print).