It is doubtful that many will know about Uzzah, though he was a prominent leader. He was a prince of Israel chosen by King David to bring the sacred Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. The story is told in I Chronicles 13. The ark was placed on a new cart drawn by oxen with celebrations of music. When the oxen stumbled, Uzzah reached out his hand to steady the ark. David was angry and afraid when God struck Uzzah dead (vs 10)! Why was God’s anger aroused against this good man? David even cancelled plans to bring the ark to Jerusalem. It stayed there three months.
This is the same ark into which seventy men had looked and God killed them (I Sam 6:19-20)! It must be handled exactly as instructed in the law of God (Num 4:15). Uzzah’s act was “irreverent” because he failed to inquire of God how to move it in the law’s “prescribed way” with poles on shoulders of the priests (II Sam 6:6; I Chron 15:13).
These examples were written for us today to learn the importance of obedience (Rom 15:4) to the law of Christ. Do we search Christ’s law to see His “prescribed way?” We will please God and have unity only when we obey Christ’s way in worship (Rom 15:5; John 4:24).
Ask for the Christian’s prescribed worship study.