It was just an ordinary day. The sun came up as usual. Men and women went about their usual tasks. But this day was
different – never like this in history before. Time ceased (Rev 10:5-6).
Christ had promised to return (Mt 24:4-14). Suddenly and without warning the earth shook and the sky disappeared from sight.
A great noise was heard as the earth and the works therein burned up. Shouts, screams, terror filled the air (2 Pet 3:9-14). Great buildings and everything on earth was consumed by fire. And every eye could see Him as the Son of God appeared on the clouds (Mt 24:29-31).
No one knows the time of Christ’s return (Mt 24:36-39). There
will be a final separation between
the saved and the lost (vs 40-42). All in their tombs will be raised as the dead in Christ awaken from their eternal sleep
(I Cor 15:51-58). Their bodies are changed in the twinkling of the eye and they become glorious heavenly bodies. These were those who had believed and obeyed the Lord’s commands. Now they are receiving their inheritance from God Almighty (I Cor 15:35-57).
Others are lost, unprepared, not among the redeemed, without hope of salvation, doomed to a devil’s hell, judged unworthy as the books are opened and every soul is judged (Mt 25:31-46).
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