Man’s law approves homosexual marriage. God’s law says marriage is one man and one woman till death separates them, and that the sexually immoral shall not go to heaven (Gen 2:18-24; Eph 5:20-33).
Man’s law says do not preach the gospel, but wait for others to ask you about it. God’s law says “go preach the gospel to every creature… in season and out of season.” (Acts 4:2-4; 5:40-42; 6:10; Mk 16:15; 2 Tim 4:1-2). That means “preach it when they like it and when they don’t!” (Marshall Keeble)
Man’s law says all days are alike, so let sports dominate Sundays! God’s law says the “Lord’s day” (Sunday) is the day Christ arose from the dead, the day appointed and reserved for church assembly worship, the Lord’s Supper, etc.
(Rev 1:10; Acts 2:1-47; Heb10:25; Acts 20:7).
Man’s law says sprinkle babies and call it baptism. God’s law says baptism is immersion for all who hear the gospel, believe, repent of their sins and confess faith (Acts 2:36-38; Mk 16:15-16).
Man’s law says worship God with music machinery, clapping, dancing, praying through Mary, etc. God’s law says disciples “sing and make melody in the heart”
(Eph 5:19; Col 32:16).
Man’s law says marriage is till divorce for any cause. God’s law says marriage partners are to “cling together” like glue until separated by death (Mt 19:3-8; Eph 5:22-33; Gen 2:21-24).