100_2255A friend asked me to restore his prized British Red Telephone Box imported 25 years ago. There are two ways to restore: (1) the right way, and (2) the easy (wrong) way. The same is true in restoring old model cars or furniture. When you run out of money or patience, you start cutting corners – and the value of your work begins to decline.

The popular telephone box #K-6 was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in 1935. lt continued to be made until 1980. Only about 14,000 have survived. They were made in 5 foundries: 1635 pounds cast iron, 72 windows, teak wood door, 8’4” high, red with crown at the top (cf. Wikipedia). Call 817-282-4918 for location to see how well it is restored!

Restoring the original, if done the right way, requires a careful study of the original and a firm resolve to cut no corners or compromise anything. Today our aim in the Paper Pulpit is to unveil the divine genius in the design of first century Christianity, and to show failures of men’s cheap attempts to improve or change the perfect creation of the almighty Designer, God.

When our aim is to restore the original church in doctrine, worship, name, etc., we will see copies in each city just like all the rest who follow the same divine pattern – unity results (I Cor 1:10-12), and the Designer is pleased.


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