It is not our usual practice to speak on a NON-BIBLICAL subject. But Rapture is a word and a concept nowhere found in the Bible! It is one of the doctrines of men which Jesus said His disciples must avoid (Mt 15:2-3; Mk 7:3-15; Col 2:8; Gal 1:14). “Rapture” is part of another non-biblical doctrine of men, namely Premillenialism. Pre means before. Millenial refers to 1,000 years. And ism means “it ain’t so,” as brother Keeble used to say.

So just what is this false concept that has become quite popular in some religious circles? This theory calls for Jesus to return to Jerusalem to reign for 1,000 years, and the “rapture” is that time when the church age will end and the kingdom age commences. Hal Lindsey was one of the champions of this false theory, but the dates he gave in his book have come and gone (1988 and 1995) and nothing happened.  The Bible says a false prophet is one whose predictions do not come to pass (Jer 14:14). Billy Graham was also taken up with this theory. These false notions come in part from Jesus’ words in Matthew 24, things which He said would come to pass in “THIS GENERATION” (the first century, vs 24), not at His second coming at the end of the world.

Christ’s kingdom was established in A.D. 33 during the time of the Roman Empire (Dan 2:31-44; Luke 2:1; 3:1; Jn 3:3-5). He plainly said it would come during the lifetime of His disciples (Mk 9:1; Col 1:13). The kingdom of God is the church of Christ!

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