HAMARTIAUnless you know Greek you will not recognize this title: amartia (hamartia). It means to “miss the mark,” translated in English Bibles as “SIN.” Romans 6:23 says “all have sinned.” We have all “missed the mark.”

The scriptures of the Holy Bible give us words of truth from God: “Thy word is truth” (Jn 4:24). When we “fall short” of God’s way as revealed in Jesus we sin. He is the “way, the truth and the life,” (Jn 14:6). Jesus did not speak on His own, but only spoke truth from His Father (Jn 5:30; 6:38). When we throw the Bible out of school, home, church or government, it is like destroying the ruler, the divine measuring standard of right and wrong.

Homosexual marriage does not measure up. It misses the mark because God made marriage for man with woman, not man with man or woman with woman (Genesis 1-3). No vote of any president nor any decree of any judge can change God’s standard of truth whether in morals, worship, marriage, baptism, etc. To change from His measure is sin.

Using the “Lord’s Day,” the first day of the week, for sports is “missing the mark.” It is God’s day for His people to worship, meeting together for “breaking of bread” in remembrance of Jesus’ death on the cross (Heb 10:25; Jn 4:24; Ac 20:7). Using “the Lord’s Day” (Rev.1:10) for entertainment is “missing the mark.”

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