sufferingNo one knows who wrote the book of Job … but God is its Author. It is referred to in James 5:11 and is quoted in I Cor 3:19. It is a true history of prosperity, piety, affliction and patience, written before Moses gave the law.

Several great questions arise in this book. 1. Is there any goodness without reward? (Doth Job serve God for naught?) 2. Why do the righteous suffer? 3. Does God really care for and protect His people who fear Him? 4. Are adversity and affliction signs that the sufferer is wicked? 5. Is God a god of pity and mercy?

There are five solutions to the problems of suffering. 1. It is a test of character which will ultimately be rewarded when rightly endured. 2. Job’s friends said it is always a punishment for sin. 3. Elihu said it is the voice of God calling us back to Him. 4. Job seems never settled (19:25-27) and pleads for a chance to present his case to God (Ch 29-31). 5. God’s solution: while there is mystery in both good and evil, man’s attitude should be one of submission and faith.

The book opens with an argument between God and Satan, followed by the consequent afflictions of Job. The cycles of discussion with his three friends center around the charge of Job’s sin. The purpose of the book is to justify the wisdom and goodness of God, and to show the need for man’s submission.

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