bibleCan we understand the Bible? Yes, some things are more difficult to understand than others (II Peter 3:16). But someone has said, “It is not the part of the Bible that I do not understand that bothers me, but the part that is so plain I cannot misunderstand!”

In Acts chapter 8 we read about a man who was reading from the prophet Isaiah. He did not understand a prophecy that was written 700 years earlier. Philip, the evangelist, explained to him this had been fulfilled by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This explanation is in Acts chapter 8 which this man did not have. It is very important that we understand that the Old Testament was true, but that its laws were for the Jews and that they were canceled in AD 33 when Jesus was nailed to the cross (Col 2:14). We now have the “perfect law of liberty” (James 1:25), commonly called the New Testament.

Psalms 19:3-4 says the Lord’s word has gone out “into all the world.” This is also stated in Romans 10:18. Jesus said all who read should “understand” (Mt 24:15), and that His words are “Spirit and Life” (Jn 6:63). We are to study, to “give diligence” to the Scriptures so we will be approved by God” (2 Tim 2:15). Jesus said whoever reads, should also “understand” (Mt 24:15), and when we speak, we should speak with the words (“oracles”) of God (I Peter 4:11).

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