The last sermon my dad, Louis, preached was based on this verse in 2 Kings 20:15. This question is important, not only in the days of Isaiah and Hezekiah, but also in our days. What about your house? If unexpected visitors came into your house, what would they see? Would they see things that indicate your genuine interest in things spiritual and that you were putting the Lord, His kingdom and His righteousness first in your life? Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” (Mt 6:33)

Hopefully, they would find a well worn Bible placed in an easy-to-get location. Hopefully, there would be good wholesome literature readily available, with no sign of ash trays or alcoholic beverages or lustful literature of any sort. There might even be an indication that television was not the time-consuming idol, and that I-phones and computers were used with bridled restraint. Hopefully in your house a visitor would see signs of hospitality, so he would go away thinking of you as a gracious host, willing and ready to share with others … including unexpected visitors.

I do not know the specific points made by my Dad in his last sermon, but I do know that the question, “What have they seen in thine house?” is still worthy of consideration. This question, first asked by a prophet to a king is still valid and worthy of serious reflection.

Thoughts from Al Franks, editor, Magnolia Messenger.