baptize-babyAll children are born sinless (Ez 18:19-20). They do not and cannot inherit sin from anyone else. It is the soul that actually sins who is separated from God – called spiritual death. Jesus confirmed a child’s innocence when He called for little children to come to Him and said: “of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 19:14).

It has always been adults who are capable of faith, repentance and voluntary baptism for the purpose of “forgiveness of sins” (Mk 16:15-16; Acts 2:38). Baptism has always been immersion in water, not sprinkling or pouring like practiced in infant baptisms.  Early translators of the English Bibles did not want to admit that this Greek word in the original Bible literally meant “immersion.” When evangelist Philip baptized, he and the man “both went down into the water” (Acts 8:36-38). This would have been absurd if he only sprinkled or poured a little water on him.

Your infants are in no danger of being condemned by God. If you were “baptized” as an infant, according to the Bible it was not valid and did no good. To the contrary, it was highly damaging and dangerous, for it left the false impression that as a believer now it is not necessary for you to obey in baptism. Now be immersed with the “one baptism”so your sins can be forgiven by God (Acts 2:36-47). God will then add you to His one true church.

Please! May I assist you in your obedience today?