The believer of the Bible can KNOW about the most important things in life, including the WAY OF SALVATION.

A. The first point of salvation is FAITH in Jesus Christ (Jn 3:16, 16:31), but since the demons also believe, it is obvious faith alone cannot save (Jas 2:19; Jn 12:42).

B. The second point is REPENTANCE, being sorry for your sins and being willing to turn away from them (Ac 11:18; Lk 13:3).

C. The third essential is CONFESSION of our faith in Jesus (Mt 10:32; Ac 2:21), but confession alone is of no value (Mt 7:21; 3:11 ).

D. We pause at this point to note that the helps at the end of some Bibles give the above “ABC’s of Salvation” but sadly completely ignore a fourth absolute essential, BAPTISM (immersion). Baptism of the believer is ‘’for the forgiveness of sins” and it “does now save us” (Mk 16: 16; I Pet 3:21; Ac 2:38). I have spent many hours pasting scriptures on baptism into hundreds of copies of the MISLEADING pages of ‘helps’ in an edition of the NKJV which is being shipped to Africa.

A reader of Paper Pulpit sent us a CD by Dr. John McArthur on “Understanding Baptism.” He hardly mentions the subject of baptism, except to deny the truth of Jesus’ words : “He that believes and is baptized shall be saved.” McArthur (former president, Baptist College, Santa Clara, CA) also denies the truth in Acts 2:38 which states the purpose of baptism: “for the remission of sins.”