The true doctrine of Jesus was  “delivered once for all” in the first  century (Jude 3). When scripture  was completed by the apostles,  it was perfect and was known as  Christ’s last will and testament. It was  “perfect” and any man who dared to  change or add to it was “cursed” (Gal  1:6-10). This testament went into  force when Jesus died on the cross  (Heb 9:16-17). No man dare delete or  add a word after the death of Jesus.

When men add to or change  the perfect will of Jesus Christ they  cheapen the message and render it of  no effect and powerless (Rom 1:16).  The Bible only makes Christians only.  The Bible plus “another testament”  yields a Mormon, not a Christian;  plus a catechism yields a Catholic;  plus a vision yields a Seventh  Day Adventist; plus a manual or  a discipline yields a Baptist or an  Episcopalian or a Methodist, etc.

Friend, reject these doctrines and  commandments of men and follow  only the Bible. Come with me and  be a Christian only.