Salvation is by faith (Jn 3:16  10:43; 16:31), but not by faith only  (James 2:24). “The demons believe,  and tremble” (Jas 2:19); “Many  believed… but did not confess him”  (Jn 12:42).

Salvation is by repentance  (Ac 11:18), but not by this alone:  “If you do not believe (in Jesus) you  will die in your sins” (Jn 8:24).

Salvation is by confession  (Mt 10:32; Ac 2:21), but not by  confession alone. “Not all who  say to me lord Lord’ will enter the  kingdom …” (Mt 7:21). “Unclean  spirits, when they saw him … cried,  ‘You are the Son of God'” (Mk 3:11).

Salvation is by baptism  (immersion, Mk 16:16; Acts 2:38;  22:16; 1 Pet 3:21), but not by  baptism alone. (Jn 8:24; Lk 13:3;  1 Jn 4:15).  Many deny the Bible truth  that baptism is required for salvation,  such as Baptist Rick Warren at  Saddleback Church, Charles Stanley  of Atlanta.

If your baptism was not “for the  remission of sins” (Acts 2:38) it is  not biblically valid.

We must follow the “whole counsel  of God” (Ac 20:27), not just a part of  it. Ask for a true study on baptism.