This week we shall review the  Mosaic period, 1400 BC till the death  of Christ in 33 AD.

Moses received the Ten  Commandments on 2 tables of stone,  part of the law of God (the Law of  Moses) which he later wrote for Israel  in 5 books called the Pentateuch, the  first five books in your Bible.

After the Israelites crossed the  Red Sea on dry land (Ex 14:22)  they came to Mt Sinai where Moses  received the law. God also gave the  pattern for the tabernacle which was  a type of the church of Christ which  came later. It was their meeting place  with God during 40 years wilderness  wandering on account of their sins.  When they finally crossed the Jordan  River, they conquered the land  promised (Canaan) under Joshua’s  leadership. Later the people were  given a king (Saul then David and  Solomon) then were ruled by judges  in a divided kingdom. The prophets  (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and  others) foretold of the coming of the  Christ who would be born of a virgin  (Isaiah 7:14).