There is no dispute among those  who believe the Bible is God’s word  concerning the reality of the miracles  performed by Jesus and His disciples.  Hebrews 2:4 is one of many references.  Three words are used: “Dunamis”  meaning power; “Terata” shows the  impact of amazement and wonder, and  “Semeion” emphasizes purpose, result  or proof.

The purpose of miracles as  recorded in the New Testament has not  changed. They were never to merely  impress or entertain, nor were they  to benefit those who did them. They  were (1) to show the power of God,  (2) to produce conviction and faith, and  (3) to confirm God’s word which was  being revealed by the apostles (Acts 2,  Acts 14, 15; I Cor 12; Mk 16:17-18).  As the New Testament draws to a close,  there are fewer and fewer recorded  miracles, because once the truth  had been delivered, confirmed and  recorded, there was no more need for  them (Jude 3).

Satan does “lying wonders, miracles  and signs that deceive” (2 Thess 2:9-10).  There are no genuine miracles (raising  the dead, restoring withered arms, etc)  performed today because there is  no need.