When storms and hurricanes  are approaching, many warnings  of danger have gone out, but some  pay no attention or take a chance  and are killed.

Jesus established His church.  He issued many warnings about  dangers of false teachers who  would lead, people astray: “Beware  of false prophets who come to you  in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly  are ravening wolves.” Again, “Many  false prophets shall arise and  lead many astray” (Mt. 7:15; 245:  11-12). “I know that after my  departing grievous wolves shall  enter in among you, not sparing the  flock; and from among your own  selves shall men arise, speaking  perverse things …wherefore watch.”

Paul spoke this warning to the elders  of the church (Acts 20:29-31). He  warned Timothy that some would  “fall away from the faith” (I Tim  4:1) Also see Peter’s caution about  false teachers (II Peter 2:1-2), and  John’s (I Jn 4:1; II Jn 9-10).

It is no surprise therefore to see false  teachers arise among us giving  trouble and division, so we must  be on guard. Our phone book lists  hundreds of different names and  creeds that separate and divide.  For more on this, contact us now.