Are you a “conservative” or a “liberal” Christian? I will give you my definition and would welcome yours. My aim is to be as liberal as I CAN be, and as conservative as I HAVE to be. Where the Bible has not given specific instructions, I want to have all the liberty in following whatever is most suitable or expedient. Example: If I am going to preach (Mark 16:15), I want to choose HOW to travel, whether walking, flying, riding a bicycle, etc. God’s Word has not specified the mode of transportation, so I am at liberty to choose whatever is available and expedient at the time. I am a “liberal” in what I allow myself. However, when Jesus specified WHAT TO PREACH, it must only be “the gospel.” There can be no choice in the message; I must be “conservative” in what is allowed, for there is no choice. If all brothers in Christ respected this same principle in being “liberal” and/or “conservative,” unity would prevail. This principle can be applied to the action and purpose in baptism, the intercessor in prayer, the manner of Christian worship, the name we wear, etc. Ask for free booklet on this subject.