There is “One GOD” who is “over all and through all and in all!” (Eph 4:6). The intricate mechanism of a watch, its works, construction and movement all prove there must have been a designer and a maker. The same is true of the human body: the eye, the ear, the tongue, circulation of the blood, etc., all prove there was a designer and a maker. The instinct of birds and animals, the realm of astronomy, times and seasons… all these did not “just happen” without a designer, a maker and a sustainer. The great Designer, Maker and Sustainer is none other than the God of heaven and earth. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein” (Psa 24:1). “The invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen…” (Rom 1:20). The God of the Bible is not the Allah of Islam. The one God gave a revelation of Himself in the Bible, “the Word of God” (Lk 8:11). God loves man whom He made and provided the way through His only Son for man to find and come to Him (Jn 3:16). Ask for booklet.