Church history is a history of the kingdom of God. He promised that even the “gates of hades” would not prevent its establishment, nor shall it ever cease to exist (Mt 16:18; Dan 2:44; Heb 12:28). Governments and denominations of men rise and fall, but Christ’s true church will never be destroyed! At the end of time, it will be delivered back to God for all eternity (1 Cor 15:24). Church history is seen in four stages: 1. The Apostolic Era, A.D. 30-100. The church was established in Jerusalem (Acts 2), and spread to Antioch and Ephesus and in many regions under the direction of the apostles (Acts 2-28). A “falling away” was predicted (Acts 20:29-30; 2 Tim 4:1-3; 2 Thes 2:7). 2. The Apostasy Era, A.D. 100 – 1294. Through much persecution the church spread, but apostasy spread. Councils assumed authority overtheBible.Aclergyhierarchy developed culminating in Rome and Constantinople. 3. The Reformation Era, A.D. 1294-1800. Luther, Calvin and others called for reading the Bible and reforming the Roman church. 4. The Restoration Era, A.D. 1800 –. Various denominations transplanted to America. Some advocated restoring the original doctrines and worship patterns of the 1st century church based on the Bible only.