After discussing the 9 miraculous gifts in Cor 12, Paul wanted to tell of “a more excellent way” (vs 31). He then points to the way of love in chapter 13. He put a deadline and a dateline on miraculous gifts by saying that prophecies, tongues and knowledge would “be done away” (I Cor 13:8-9). Chapters 12, 13 and 14 viewed in context will not allow miraculous gifts to be permanent. Some have quit their association with Pentecostal charismatic organizations because of their abuse of this passage of Scripture. This scripture does not refer to the second coming of Christ. It speaks of a “perfect thing” coming, not a “perfect person.” Jesus is consistently referred to in masculine terms. Jesus is “he who,” not a “that which.” The New Testament is called the “perfect law of liberty” (Jas 1:25). We now have a perfect record which was “once” delivered to the early Christians by the end of the first century (Jude 3). The full gospel had been revealed and confirmed and a record was made to preserve it. When Jesus’ revelation was complete, miraculous gifts ceased and we now have perfect knowledge in the last will and testament of Jesus Christ.