Believing that Jesus was as a great person, or even that He was the son of God, is not enough to save us from our sins. Billy Graham was right when he said it takes more than this. He said “even the devil believes all these things about Jesus (James 2:19) – but that doesn’t make him a Christian!” See Star Telegram (Oct 1). But Mr. Graham was wrong when he concluded by saying salvation is “by a simple prayer of faith,” to invite Jesus “into your life.” He referred to John 1:12, but this verse does NOT say those who believe on Jesus at that moment become children of God, but only that they are given THE RIGHT TO BECOME children of God. There is a vast difference. Saying “the sinner’s prayer” is nowhere in the Bible. The Bible truth given by Jesus and His apostles requires (1) belief which gives the foundation whereby he has the right to proceed toward salvation through (2) repentance, Acts 2:38, (3) confession, Acts 8:37, (4) and baptism (immersion) in order to receive salvation and the forgiveness of sins, Mk 16:16, Ac 2:38, 22:16. Only then, Mr. Graham, is a sinner saved by grace. Ask for booklet “Are You A Christian,” either by mail or email.