When a woman marries, she accepts “the law of the husband” (Rom 7:2). This serious choice binds her under this law for life. Only at death is she freed. Only God, the designer of marriage, can define her obligation.
She was created for man as his helper (Gen 2:21; I Cor 11:9). In consequence of her sin, she was to be “ruled over” by the man and her “desire is to be for her husband” and must “be in subjection” to him and “obey” him (Gen 3:16; Tit 2:5; I Cor 14:34; Eph 5:22-24; I Pet 3:7). She is “not allowed to speak” in the church assembly but must be “silent” and “in submission” (I Cor 14:34-35). She proves her “purity and reverence” to God by being “submissive to her own husband.”
The wife recognizes God’s sequence of authority or headship: God, Christ, man, woman (I Cor 11:3). She as “the glory” of man is to make him look good. She in everything “submits to her husband, as is fitting in the Lord” (Col 3:18; Eph 5:24), excepting only wherein he disobeys Christ, his own head.
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