Sin is committed by doing wrong, by failing to do right, and by attitudes against God’s will. It is like shooting an arrow. We may miss by over or under shooting, or by going to one side or the other. The Greek word for sin (αμαρτία) means to “miss the mark”
Sins of Commission. David lusted, committed adultery and murder. He said his “sin was ever before” him (Psalm 51: 1-3). His sin against Bathsheba was also against God. Achan coveted, then stole and hid (Joshua 22:7). Barrabas committed murder (Mark 15:7). Many sins committed are listed in Romans 1:18-32: suppressing truth, sexual impurity, adultery, homosexuality, lust, gossip, slander, etc. Worshiping God in ways He did not command Christians is sin: praying through Mary, idolatry, mechanical praise, clapping, teaching falsely, etc. (I Cor 4:6).
Sins of Omission. The Pharisees omitted justice and mercy (Mt 23:23). If we know to do good and fail to act, we sin (James 4: 17). If we hear and do not obey the truth, we sin (Lk 12:47), or if we fail to help the hungry, the sick and in prison, we are “wicked and slothful” (Mt 25:22-23; Lk 10:30-34). Sins of omission (2 Pet 3:5).
Sins of Disposition. God looks on the heart (I Sam 16:7). All things are naked before God
(Heb 4:15) who sees pride, lust, envy, love of money, and unforgiveness (Isa SS:7; 2 Pet 2:14).