Do you speak curse words by using mild substitutes without realizing it is a sin? Webster calls this “euphemism,” using a less offensive, less direct or distasteful word in place of the name of God, Christ, etc. Webster lists some of these euphemisms:
GOSH, GOLLY, GAD – exclamations of surprise, euphemisms for God.
DOGGONE, DADBURN – remodeling of God damn/damn.
GEE, GEMINI, GEE WHIZ, JIMINY CHRISTMAS – a form of oath contractions, expletives of surprise, euphemistically used for Jesus or Jesus Christ.
DARN, DURN, DANG – a form of damn.
HECK, HECK FIRE – a cry of surprise or warning, slang for hell or hell fire.
What if a person uses these substitute curse words without realizing their origin or meaning, not really meaning to curse? This would be a sin of ignorance, and the damage is still done, using the name of God or Jesus “in vain” or in an empty manner. Jesus said to just say “Yes” or “No” and that anything more than this comes from the evil one (Mt 5:37).
LYING is not a euphemism, but is a sin of the tongue: “Lie not one to another.” (Col 3:9-10)
This is a sin punishable in hell if not repented of. (Rev 21:8; I Tim 3:8; 4:1-2; Prov 12:18; 17:7; Acts 5). It is also one of the ten commandments. (Ex 20:16)
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