Ben Franklin said: “As we must account for every idle word, so must we for every idle silence.” He was saying: it is a sin to remain silent when we should speak.
We must be courageous in all circumstances, whether among friends or foes of the truth (Rom 10:9). Stephen’s face shone like an angel’s as he stood in the hostile Jewish court. He spoke and the furious mob gnashed at him with their teeth. Every word brought him closer to being stoned to death (Acts 6:12-7:60). He courageously broke the silence and became the first martyr as a Christian. A brilliant young scholar named Saul silently watched him die, the same young man who later repented and courageously proclaimed the faith in Jesus amidst many persecutions and trials
(2 Cor 11:16-33).
Do you speak up when God’s way is ridiculed and opposed? Falsehood will prevail if you say nothing and do not take a stand. Remember, there is a war going on!! Satan is the great adversary and his hosts are legion in the fight against Jesus and soldiers of truth. This great war is not against flesh and blood, but against wickedness in spiritual realms. God’s soldiers are commanded to “be strong in the mighty power” of truth and to take up the full armor of God and stand against the devil and his legions (Eph 6:10-18).


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