marital-devotionI was famous and had great beauty. But I was barren. I loved my husband dearly, even though he sometimes did such strange things.

We had not been married long until he said we must move far away. I loved him and respected him. I was willing to obey him and sometimes called him “lord!” I was even willing to never live in a house, but in tents. He was considerate of others, however, and sometimes was even willing to deprive himself and his own family. But I never questioned him in any of his decisions.

My beauty was known to everyone – even to those in foreign countries. In my desperation of being barren, I offered my slave girl to my husband to have sex with her, hoping to gain his favor and give him children from me by her. I later hated this decision. I cast her out with her son.

One day three strange men came saying I would have a baby – an idea that was so ridiculous it made me laugh! My husband was then 100 and I was 90. But it actually happened!

Especially hard on me was when he took my only son to kill him as a sacrifice. But I did not stand in the way of this cruel plan. I was always in subjection to him, leaving a worthy example to all women.

Who Am I? Read about me in Gen 12-13; Heb 11:11; I Peter 3:6; Isa 51:2; Romans 9:9)

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