Moses said the 80th milestone marks the end of man’s normal earthly pilgrimage (Ps 90:10). Then begins the ONE long day of eternity (2 Pet 3:8).

Before the flood, men lived to great ages – often over 900 years. The average age in Genesis 5 was 857 years. After the flood (Gen 6-9) lifespan dropped to 323 years. After that, Abraham (175), Isaac (180), Jacob (147) and Joseph (110) were fewer years, but still 100 to 200. By the time of the kings: Saul (72), David (70), and Solomon (60) as recorded in I and II Kings, lifespan had declined to near what it is today. Today in the USA, the average is 78.8 years (76 men/ 81 women).

Most of God’s creatures live fewer years: horse 30, mule 50, elephant 70, eagle 20, and butterfly 1. For us, 80 years is short compared to eternity: “Life is swifter than a weaver’s shuttle” (Job 7:6), quicker than an eagle diving for prey (Job 9:25-26).

Beethoven said, “I need more time. I need more time!”

As I write this on my 87th birthday (9/3/16), I consider every day as precious (Eph 5:;16). In youth, life seemed long; in old age, it seems short. To die well, we must keep affairs in order (II Kgs 20:1 ), especially spiritual affairs (Jn 4:24; Heb 10:25). Love deeply (Jn 13:34). Grow spiritually (2 Pet 3:18). Speak the word of salvation to as many as possible (Mk 16:15-16). 0nce we die to sin and self, death comes peacefully.

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