“TATTOO” is from a Polynesian word tatau, “to write, paint, scar or stain.” (Wikipedia) Movie stars and sports figures have them. A Harris Poll stated that 32 percent aged 25 to 29 have one. It is a topic young people have to deal with: “Is it right for a Christian to get a tattoo?”

There is no Bible verse that specifically says: “Thou shalt not get a tattoo,” although some refer to Leviticus 19:28 (NIV) which says: “You shall not make any … tattoo marks on you: I am the Lord.” This is actually not a proper use of this passage. We must be cautious about using the Old Testament to regulate conduct in the Christian Age. The law of Moses was nailed to the cross and is not the standard by which we live today. The same chapter also gives instructions about various requirements that do not apply to the Christian age. The context of Leviticus 19:27-28 and I Kings 18:28 might also be examined about idolatry and heathen practices with which God’s people were not to be associated. The Christian needs to ask certain questions in determining an answer to such things.

The Principle of INFLUENCE. Read I Cor 11:5-6, 16 about women wearing a covering (veil) in worship. At that time in Corinth it was customary for a woman to wear a veil to show respect for her husband’s authority. Our culture does not require this.

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