Solomon describes the man who is evil in his lying speech and wicked schemes (Prov 6:16-19). Bible scholars Clarke, Driver, Coffman and others agree that the man who goes about “stirring up dissension among brethren” is perverted and totally out of line with reason. He is an evil person, a liar, murderer, haughty, a deviser


More people are living to advanced years than ever before. Some folks resent getting old, and others resent old people. In an age that worships the goddess of youth, we need divine guidance to develop proper attitudes toward our retirement years. Moses did his greatest work between ages 80 and 120. John wrote Revelation when


This sin, often overlooked, is in the long list of sins in Romans 1:28-32. Those who practice such things or who approve such “deserve death” (v. 32, NIV). “Adultery” often refers to sexual acts (Jn 8:4), but is also translated “breaking of a covenant,” having nothing to do with sexual sin. When Israel turned away


Chapter 1: JONAH RUNS FROM GOD. He escaped from his assigned duty by going in the opposite direction. He slept in a storm at sea, the only preacher on record who admitted: “I am your problem, so get rid of me!” The mariners prayed (not to their gods, but to Jehovah). It seems he converted


Conviction and commitment are scorned by postmodernists. To them nothing is so disgusting as the man who is unyielding in his faith, who “hates every false way” (Psa 119:104). The word “tolerance” is a key word for liberal politicians and liberal theologians. Tolerance is here defined as weakness or compromise. In other ways it is


Jesus said, “What God has joined together, let man not separate” (Mt 19:6). The disciples said this is a hard saying because in their time, like in ours, divorce was common. Husband and wife are to “cleave” to one another like glue, through bad times and good times. Their joining together is like two streams


I became a part of the bride of Christ, being spiritually married to Him at age 11. I became part of His bride, His church (I Peter 2:9) when I was baptized, born again (of water and spirit, Jn 3:5; Acts 2:38). My joy and promise became to declare His love, to confess His holy


If you profess to be a Christian, are you planning to sleep in, play golf, go for a ride or go fishing today? Or will you go to worship? The Bible says the Christian always sins in some ways if his neglect is willful. He usually sins in many ways as a result of failure


“Learn to co-exist… don’t hate the people who live a different way or who believe that another way is right for them. Quit trying to control others…” This Facebook writer represents the way of the world: “Let me live the way I want. Don’t bother me.” Perhaps this is your own granddaughter or grandson? The


“But God commendeth His own love toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) God’s love is a merciless scourging that cuts long lines deep in the back. It is a scalp pierced by sharp thorns in a ring of pain around the brow. It is brisk blows