When Jesus died, there was made “a  ‘change of the law.”  We are no longer  under the Old Testament law of Moses  (Heb 7:12).   Jesus was “the end of  the law to them that believe,” having  “nailed the old law to the cross”  (Col 2:14-17; Eph 2:14-16; Rom 15:4).  Anyone who fails to follow the gospel   of Christ, but rather continues holding on to   ”observe things of the old law,   “is severed from Christ”  and Is “fallen from grace” (Gal -5:4). These  are strong and true warnings.  The old law Included Genesis through  Psalms and Malachi. The books of  Romans, Galatians, Ephesians. arid  Hebrews have, much on this theme.  Jews who had followed the old law but  ‘who had now accepted Jesus must cease  following the old system of laws.

SPECIFICALLY, what things are  changed from the old law of Moses  to the New “law of Christ,” (Rom 8:2)  Sabbath days, circumcision, burning of  incense and  — animal sacrifices are no  longer binding. Christ’s law Includes  all men, not just the Jews. In worship,  the Instruments of music of David were  done away, and singing from the heart  took their place in the worship in Christ’s  church.  The superiority of the law of Christ is  repeatedly shown all through the books  of Hebrews and Galatians especially.