Some people do not read their Bible  until they have made a tragic failure in  their lives. Then, when in desperation  they open it to look for help, they do  hot know where to look or how to  find their answers.

1. The Bible covers 4,000 years of  history. The Old Testament starts  with creation of man in Genesis  in the first (Patriarchal) period of  history, down to Moses giving the  law in 1500 BC to the Jews (Mosaic  period). Then the New Testament of  Christ speaks to us (Christian period)  in the last portion of the Bible. It is  important to know who is speaking  and to whom it is addressed.

2. In the New Testament Jesus  has “all authority” today. His twelve  apostles were commissioned to  speak all truth by guidance of the Holy  Spirit (Mt. 28:18-20; Jno 16:13).

3. Direct Commands give us the  Lord’s will for today. See Acts 2:38  and Hebrews 10:25.

4. Approved Examples such as Acts  8:35-39 also give ways to learn.

5. Necessary Inferences also  instruct: we see that much water  is necessary in obeying in baptism  as seen in Acts 8:36-38. Ask the  preacher for free booklet.