Jesus is the only “head of the  church” (Co! 1:18). He alone has  “all authority” over it (Mt 28:18-19).  Peter confessed Jesus as “the Christ,  the Son of the living God”  (Mt 16:13-18). Jesus blessed Peter  for making this good confession,  and added that on “this rock” of truth  He would build His church. Out of  85 scholars claimed as Catholic,  only 17 thought Peter was the rock.  Jesus is the one foundation (I Cor 3:11)  and Peter (whom Paul once rebuked for  sinning, Gal 2:11-14) was merely one  among several leaders of the church in  Jerusalem. He was a prominent  leadere,  not superior. Neither he nor any  apostle had a “successor.”

Peter as a bishop was required  to have a wife (Mt 8:14; I Tim 3:2).  He did not allow others to bow down  to him (Acts 10:26). He was never  called Reverend or Father (Mt 23:9).  Jesus was and is the “chief Shepherd.”  He directs all affairs in the church,  His body, through the Scriptures,  and warns not to add to or take  from it (2 Tim 3:16-17; Gal 1:10-13;  Jude3; Rev 22:18-19).