Many things are commonly practiced among churches about which the New Testament says nothing: song books, microphones, pews, printing machines, P.A. systems, videos, etc. There is a realm of freedom for Christians to use modern conveniences. An expedient is “that which benefits or helps one in keeping specified instructions.” When God gives a command to obey an action, He permits men to use good judgment to use the most beneficial means of obeying that action. Expediency is not a license to perform unauthorized actions; it can only expedite that which has already been authorized. Additions, unlike expedients, go beyond commands and make new kinds of actions. Expedients are helpers that perform the precise action called for by God’s instructions. For example, a baptistery filled with warm water makes it convenient to obey the command to baptize (Mt 28:18; Acts 2:38). A baptismal font would not be an expedient, for it is designed to sprinkle babies, a different action than immersion of responsible believers. It promotes a different action for an unqualified class of people (infants). There is no room for changing God’s instruction (Dt 5:32). The command to “go preach” may be obeyed by traveling on mule back or jet plane. Ask for more on this vital subject.