The Prince of Peace said, “I came not to bring peace but a sword” (Isa 9:6; Mt 10:34-39). He Knew some would accept his teaching and others would not. Even in the same family, division follows when one believes and obeys the truth and others do not. Example: a lady in church Sunday alone said her husband was not a believer. Anyone who loves a family member more than Jesus “is not worthy” of Him (Mt 10:37). Some embrace the gospel; others will not. Jesus said “the truth shall set you free” (Jn 8:32). Some refuse the truth because they conspire with men rather than yield to God (Jn 12:42-43). Every man must choose either God’s word or man’s. Joshua said we must choose whom we shall serve (Josh 24:15). When truth is at stake, don’t wait to follow what others may do; they may choose the wrong way. A preacher is not “divisive” if he stands solid for Bible truth, even if he knows it will cause division. If I preach believer’s immersion (baptism) for forgiveness of sins to an audience who had been sprinkled as babies, even knowing division would follow, I would still be doing the right thing.