GPS (Global Positional System) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location information anywhere on earth (Wikipedia definition). It is free to everyone provided by the U.S. Government, offering amazingly accurate information to the traveler who has the proper receiving instrument.
There is another system that provides accurate and amazing information anywhere on earth about exact location of your spirit (soul) on your journey through life. It is also absolutely free of charge to everyone and is provided by the Maker of the universe Who also has provided the only instrument for receiving instructions. It is also called GPS (Gospel Plan of Salvation). The instrument giving the location of the soul is commonly called the Bible.
Every person comes into the world free from the guilt of sin which is defined as disobedience to God (I Jn 3:4). This is the position until reaching the age of accountability, at which time everyone becomes separated from God by committing sin (disobeying God’s law, Isa 59:2; Rom 3:23). God’s Plan of Salvation was made possible by giving the blood of His Son Jesus, accessible to all who believe He is God’s Son, repent of sins, confess His name and are buried in baptism for forgiveness of sins (Jn 3:3-5; Acts 2:38-47; 22:16), then continue faithfully serving Him in His church (Rev 2:10) till death.
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