Jesus built His church in Jerusalem in 33 AD (Mt 16:13-20). All the saved are in this “one body, the church” (Acts 2:42; 4:12). All other churches (denominations) were started much later at other places by other founders. It is confusing to see so many churches today, all having a different name, doctrine, organization, and worship. In the first century, we see only one church, the body of Christ (Eph 4:4-6; Col 1:18). Here are just a few that are too late to be Christ’s one true church: Adventism, Wm Miller, Mass, 1831 Assembly of God, Hot Spr. Ark, 1914 Baptist, John Smyth, London, 1607 Christian, Group, Midway, KY, 1859 Episcopal, Henry VIII, London, 1534 Gk Orthodox, Group, Greece, 1053 Holiness, H. Hoople, Chicago, 1907 Jeh. Witness, C. Russell, PA., 1874 Lutheran, M. Luther, Germany, 1530 Methodist, J. Wesley, London, 1729 Mormon, J. Smith, Seneca NY 1830 Nazarene, P. Bresee, L. Ang., 1895 Pentecostal, Group, S. Carol., 1898 Presbyterian, J. Calvin, Switz, 1535 Roman Catholic, Boniface III, 606 (Date first Catholic pope in Rome) Salv. Army, Wm Booth, London, 1865 7th Day Advent, E G White, MS, 1846 Unitarian, C F Socinus, Poland, 16thc Universalist, Group, Greece, 1053