CAN NO MAN TAME I have found over 50 ways we can be condemned by our tongue (Mt 12:37). Can you send us more in your Bible? 1 Too much talking about what “I think” (Prov 18:2). 2 Our own contradictory words (Prov 18:7). 3 Gossip sinks deep and hurts hearts (Prov 18:8; 25:9). 4


“Filthy lucre” is money, but not all money is filthy. The KJV and ASV use this term five times. Other Bible versions translate this “unlawful gain.” Elders in the church must not be “lovers of money” [“filthy lucre,” KJV, I Tim 3:3]. Money is morally neutral, neither good nor bad in itself. There are three


Matthew 25:31-46 tells about when Jesus will come again in glory, there will be a great final day of judgment and separation. All nations since the creation of the world will be present before Him. All people will be separated like a shepherd separates sheep from goats… sheep on right and goats on left. To


An accomplice is a person who participates in committing a crime even if he takes no part in the actual offense. In a bank robbery, the getaway driver is an accomplice to the gunman and is equally guilty. In the disaster of 9/11, all who participated in the scheme were equally guilty with the pilots


“It is wrong, but is it a salvation issue!” What about failure to pray regularly (I Thes 5:17), or to contribute to the church each Sunday (I Cor 16:1-2), or to attend the Christian assembly on the Lord’s day (Heb 10:25), or to add mechanical music or rhythmic clapping to singing praises (Eph 5:19)? Is


Peace is a characteristic of the “fruit of the Spirit” (Gal 5:22-23). Unrest, fear, hatred, worry and anxiety are in the minds of many. Are pills the answer? Doctors, Aleve and Advil may say “yes.” But Christ gives the true answer: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God” (Mt


Solomon describes the man who is evil in his lying speech and wicked schemes (Prov 6:16-19). Bible scholars Clarke, Driver, Coffman and others agree that the man who goes about “stirring up dissension among brethren” is perverted and totally out of line with reason. He is an evil person, a liar, murderer, haughty, a deviser


The prophet Hosea (750 BC) summed up the indictment against Israel in one word; “Whoredom.” Israel had done worse than adultery. As a harlot she had prostituted herself with Baal worship for hire (2:12-13). The people were without knowledge of God (4:6) and ignorant of His law (8:12). Hosea rebuked the people of Israel severely


There is no dispute among those  who believe the Bible is God’s word  concerning the reality of the miracles  performed by Jesus and His disciples.  Hebrews 2:4 is one of many references.  Three words are used: “Dunamis”  meaning power; “Terata” shows the  impact of amazement and wonder, and  “Semeion” emphasizes purpose, result  or proof. The