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Look at all the Bible says on the ABC’s of today’s religions. As we look at the Bible description of the church Jesus built, it’s worship, etc., we are amazed at its simplicity as compared to churches of today. We are warned to “not go beyond what is written” (I Cor 4:6; Mt 15:3-9) and


Everybody has a pocketful of opinions. And some have a mouthful. Everybody thinks his are best, and the longer he talks about it, the louder he talks! Religious opinions are called scruples. These are not things the Bible actually addresses. They sometimes matter more to us than to God. Example: circumcision as a Christian obligation.


The body of Christ, the church, is made  up of many parts: some are strong older  and well-taught, and others are young  untaught new members called weak  parts (Romans 14:1 -15:9). The well taught  mature Christian is to receive and be gentle  with newcomers from different cultural,  ethical and religious backgrounds. Some things are neither


Outside there may be snow and icicles, but in our cozy warm home it is good to be all together with no one absent. The house resounds with laughter and singing. A perfect holiday! But really – do we wish things were different? More money for gifts, more time to be together, better health, the