Bible Repair

& Rebinding Services

For several years I have been re-binding old Bibles. If you have one that needs attention, I will be glad to look at it and give you an estimate on repair time and materials. Some only need to firm up and repair loose pages; others come all apart and the bag is all that holds them together. Some are nearly new but with loose sheets or abused while some are over 100 years old. Someone observed that “A Bible that is falling apart is usually owned by a person who isn’t!”

1. I only use genuine leather, usually black. Other special exotic leathers are available (such as Ostrich tan or alligator black), or white.

2. All Bibles are gold stamped with name in the lower right-hand front corner. Usually no other stamping.

3. New headbands, end sheets and ribbon are used to replace worn or missing ones in old Bibles.

4. Shipping charges are added. When sending Bibles or books, mark package as MEDIA MAIL. This will reduce the postage rate considerably. You can mail it to me or bring it to my house.

5. Suggested rates range from as little as $15 up to $250, depending on the amount of work required.

6. I am no longer in the Bible publishing business, but will gladly advise you about sources of supply as time allows. Make check out to Church of Christ, and the full amount of whatever you ‘donate’ will be used to publish the gospel in the Star Telegram in what we call the PAPER PULPIT. It costs about $350 each week, covering the entire Tarrant County area. I have been writing these Bible studies for six years, and whatever you contribute will be like a donation to evangelism.