CAN NO MAN TAME I have found over 50 ways we can be condemned by our tongue (Mt 12:37). Can you send us more in your Bible? 1 Too much talking about what “I think” (Prov 18:2). 2 Our own contradictory words (Prov 18:7). 3 Gossip sinks deep and hurts hearts (Prov 18:8; 25:9). 4


“It is wrong, but is it a salvation issue!” What about failure to pray regularly (I Thes 5:17), or to contribute to the church each Sunday (I Cor 16:1-2), or to attend the Christian assembly on the Lord’s day (Heb 10:25), or to add mechanical music or rhythmic clapping to singing praises (Eph 5:19)? Is


Do you speak curse words by using mild substitutes without realizing it is a sin? Webster calls this “euphemism,” using a less offensive, less direct or distasteful word in place of the name of God, Christ, etc. Webster lists some of these euphemisms: GOSH, GOLLY, GAD – exclamations of surprise, euphemisms for God. DOGGONE, DADBURN


“Let me see your tongue” are usually the first words of a doctor to a sick man. This is one of the first test of bodily health and is equally a good test of a man’s heart and soul. Jesus spoke of idle speech and placed it under condemnation: “By your words you will be