What happens when a sincere searcher for the truth puts family and religious perceptions aside and takes a careful look at the New Testament record of the church which Christ built? How does His church compare to the newer institutions we see on every corner today? TABLE OF CONTENTS I Christ’s Church Defined A. The


WHAT IS IT? In I Corinthians 13:10 we read “that which is perfect” is coming. Is this Christ, a time, a thing or an event? In chapter 12, Paul wrote about nine spiritual gifts (12:8-10), and cautioned that unity among Christians must not be broken (12:25). One gift was the ability to speak a foreign


How can we have harmony when differences arise? How can we decide what things do not really matter? The body of Christ is made up of many parts, some strong and some weak. As new members are added, the older who have been taught longer (‘stronger’ members) are to ‘put up with’ the newcomers (the


Jesus Christ, 33, of Nazareth died Friday near Jerusalem on Mount Calvary, also known as Golgotha, betrayed by one of His close friends, Judas. Jesus was crucified by the Romans as ordered by governor Pontius Pilate. The causes of death were crucifixion, severe torture and loss of blood. He wore a crown of thorns while


Acts chapter seven contains the last sermon of one of the most distinguished and courageous preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Stephen reviews old testament history in three main sections: I. The Patriarchal period from Abraham (verses 2-16), II. Moses and the law (verses 17-43), and III. The tabernacle and the temple (verses 44-50).


Acts chapter two is considered to contain the most important sermon in all the Bible! Jesus had just been crucified and devout Jews from every nation were gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the day of Pentecost. God sent miracles to draw attention to Peter and the other apostles. Thousands heard them preaching in their own


After discussing the 9 miraculous gifts in Cor 12, Paul wanted to tell of “a more excellent way” (vs 31). He then points to the way of love in chapter 13. He put a deadline and a dateline on miraculous gifts by saying that prophecies, tongues and knowledge would “be done away” (I Cor 13:8-9).


No, we do not deny the miracles of creation, the walls of Jericho falling, the virgin birth of Christ or His resurrection. Miracles confirmed Jesus was God’s son (Jn 20:31). Like scaffolding, a temporary platform for workmen on a new building, miraculous gifts were temporary in the planting and early growth of the church. Support


There is no dispute among those  who believe the Bible is God’s word  concerning the reality of the miracles  performed by Jesus and His disciples.  Hebrews 2:4 is one of many references.  Three words are used: “Dunamis”  meaning power; “Terata” shows the  impact of amazement and wonder, and  “Semeion” emphasizes purpose, result  or proof. The