God wants certain things to be  done in certain ways. The church  was established in the first century  according to His eternal plan. The  “pattern” was perfect from the  mind of God, just as the pattern  for the tabernacle was perfect  (Hebrews 8:5) when given to  Moses. God also gave a pattern  to Noah to build the ark (Gen 6),  a pattern to the priests for offering  incense (Lev 10), and a pattern to  Joshua for taking Jericho (Josh 6).  When God’s way was honored,  man met with success; when it was  not, he suffered punishment.

Unless God changed His nature  He still deals in patterns. His patterns  must be respected. When His church  forsook the pattern, human names  and creeds took over. We must have  a restoration of the pattern concept,  for we shall be judged by it.

If we accept pattern theology we  are forced to accept limitations, for  patterns limit. They restrict to both  right and left, forcing us to accept  God’s authority in areas of silence  as well as in areas of revelation.  Ask for Restoration Principle  book by Reuel Lemmons.