The Patriarchal age (4000 BC  to 1400′ BC); is sometimes called  the starlight age; the Mosaic age  (1400 BC to 33″ AD), the moonlight  age; and the Christian age (33 AD till  the end, the sunlight age) because  each period reveals increased  knowledge and revelation about God  and His will for mankind. ,

The, Christian age began in  33 Ab. after the cross and the  preaching of the gospel on the Day.  of Pentecost. 3,000 were added to  the church, on its birthday when  they believed,, repented and. were  baptized (immersed) into Christ-for  forgiveness of sins, see Acts 2.

The Holy Spirit inspired the writing  of the New Testament for these  new Christians. It covers the lifeof  Jesus, His death, the activities of  the early disciples and the growth  of the church of Christ. Peter and Paul  were, prominent in the leadership as  well as other preachers and teachers  In the planting of congregations in  all Judea„Asla minor and in south  Europe. They also instructed about  the worship and work of the church.